The Alarm system for schools, authorities, offices and much more.


Technical requirements: IP cabling and / or wireless network

When it comes to the high safety standards of your school, staff and guests, there can and must be no compromises in violent and dangerous situations or emergencies, to alert and respond as soon as possible.

The ever-increasing security needs and the increasing violence gives our society escalating violent situations (shootings) with new problems.

The right way of caring and dealing with other people is one measure, the alarm system in an emergency is another. We have equipped ourselves with the issue intensively and developed a combined alarm and telephone system. More than 300 systems are in use with thousands of extensions, speaking in favor of the reliability of the system.
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  • Alarm triggering by speed dial number
  • Types of alarm: loud / quiet, internal / external, acoustic / visual, etc.
  • Automatic amok alerting the police (via alerting service such as DARU-Guard)
  • Automatic alerting of certain places according to your individual evacuation plan (emergency response team, school office, management, school management, caretaker etc.)
  • Automatic alerting of all those at risk
  • Automatic and manual text messages sent to all terminals
  • Automatic and manual audio announcements and beeps to all terminals
  • Speakerphone after alarm
  • Central alarm reset

Expandable with
SMS service
Display functions (precise location of the alarm)
flashing lights
UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
Interfaces for locking and accessing systems


Advantages of Winet AMOK and alarm system

Telephone and alarm in one system

The AMOK Server is a software module of the proven voxGate IP PBXs. The double benefit is obvious. Only one system - only one to maintain.

Over 500 alarm points in a system

Each phone is also an alarm button with many possibilities of different alerting methods.

Reduce acquisition and maintenance costs

By merging telephone and alerting you save a multitude of investment and maintenance costs. Use the existing IP network to make a call on one side, and have an alarm concept on the other side. You do not make any further agreements and service levels. Our professionals will train in both the handling of telephone as well as the alert system.

Crystal clear call quality

With appropriate Internet link with QoS (Quality of Service), top call quality is achieved. Our network specialists ensure the quality of your telephone calls together with cost savings.


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