The professional protection against hacker attacks in the VoIP environment.



FaudX is a system of protection against VoIP-crime

Hacker attacks in the Voice over IP-address occur daily. The invaders’ aggressive attacks on IP telephone systems worldwide cause a loss amount in the range of a billion francs annually. Vulnerabilities in telephone systems are identified and exploited at an incredible speed. Once a hacker enters into a system, telephone costs will quickly result, which ultimately no one can or wants to pay. In Switzerland alone, there are thousands of attacks rather on telephone systems daily. A single loss event can certainly amount to tens of thousands of francs.

The Winet Network Solutions AG in Baden-Dättwil has developed the Fraud Protection System called fraudX that protects both phone providers as well as the operator’s own telephone systems against these unwanted attacks. The basis of fraudx secures over 300 systems, which report attacks in real time to a central server. Phone systems can now continuously collect from this server a list that contains all the hackers identified IP addresses. Fraudx works much like a spam filter - only that the defense system intervenes much faster.

As a provider of telephone calls as well as telephone systems, Winet Network Solutions AG with fraudx defends thousands of systems from attack. 99% of attacks are detected and blocked the IP address before it can lead to a claim. Winet thus protects not only themselves but especially their customers from unwanted and perhaps excessive costs.

Fraud attacks distributed by country of origin

Verteilung der Fraudangriffe auf die betroffenen Länderzoom

Source: Data was collected continuously from attacks on 300 systems. For a current graphic please click Current fraud attacks graphic.

Fraud attacks are NOT limited to the same country as the country within which the attacks are made. A very popular country for fraud attacks is Somalia. Premium rate numbers have been set up at the local carriers and are apparently paid without objection to the fraudulent operators. It is also difficult to press charges in the US. The FBI will dismiss a legal assistance request in most cases.


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