The IP phone system. A telephone solution that fulfills all wishes!


Suitable for: business customers (10-500 participants depending voxGate model)

Technical requirements: broadband internet connection (DSL, cable) and SIP enabled phones

Compatibility: all SIP-enabled devices and software clients, Linksys adapter, ISDN lines

  • voxGate is a fully functional telephone system and more. With a voxGate as your phone system, you have a voice mail for each user, FAX integration, inbound call center, IVR.
  • A voxGate phone system can be practically integrated without ending work in an existing network. Simply plug the network cable from the computer to the phone connect the phone to the computer - done.
  • You see on the phone whether your colleague is speaking, or you can add a colleague from another group. Listen to voicemail via email, via the web interface through voxGate or the old-fashioned way through the phone. Connect external staff quickly and easily from home via a DSL line.
  • Take advantage of the hybrid functionality of voxGate and start calling inexpensively via SIP or ISDN, or both. Of course, it is sent via SIP phone number, so you can have a phone with your original number. Benefit from increased security with two telephone networks.
  • All settings are browser-based.
  • The compatibility of our hardware with numerous devices of other manufacturers guarantees maximum independence.

Scope of voxGate

  • From 10 participants expandable to 500 participants (depending voxGate model)
  • Voice Box / Mail
  • Simultaneous-ring
  • Calendar routing
  • Short numbers / busy lamp
  • Ring calls (unlimited ring calls)
  • Music recording (Music on Hold, flexible music playback)
  • Conference (unlimited number of defined conference groups)
  • Intercom (deskphone intercom system)
  • Interactive Voice Response, Voice Operated Menu System
  • Queue (unlimited queues)
  • Call Center Application & Routing
  • Voice Recordings
  • Internal phone book
  • Day-night circuit (unlimited number controls)
  • DISA (Internal telephone calls built from the outside)
  • Extensive statistics
  • Failback when system not available
  • Backup (Complete system backup: manual/automatic)

voxGate Models

For your phone system, you have the choice between various levels of voxGate, which can be scaled further at any time - according to your needs.

Modell: voxGate IP-500 voxgate IP-800 voxgate IP-1000 voxgate IP-2000 voxgate IP-5000
Teilnehmer: 10 25 100 250 500
ISDN: 8 8 30 60 240
Prozessor:*: Intel 1.8 GHz Dual Core Intel 1.8 GHz Dual Core Intel Dual Core E5300 Intel Core Xeon Intel Quad Core Xeon
Preis in CHF exkl. MwSt.: 1'990.- 2'990.- 5'990.- 8'990.- 16'990.-

* minimale Ausstattungskonfiguration

What is the difference between hostedPBX und hostedPBX light?

See the following PDF for a comparison of the features

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Included as standard in all voxGates:

VoiceMail, Music on Hold, IVR, ACD, DISA, SIP Ports und Trunks, BackUp-Function, Intercom, Inbound Callcenter, Conference, Statistics-Tool, Time Conditions, Fraud Detection (fraudX).

Here's what our customers are saying:

vcare infosystems AG

«Wir haben uns mit Winet für einen innovativen Anbieter entschieden, der uns nicht nur eine zukunftsorientierte und kostengünstige Lösung offerierte, sondern diese auch noch in rekordverdächtiger Zeit installiert hat. »
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«Wir konnten unsere neue Niederlassung in den USA auf einfachste Weise in unser neues VoIP Telefonsystem einbinden.»
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Gemeinde Unterentfelden

«Die Anlage läuft rund und wir sind sehr zufrieden. Die benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche des voxManager ermöglicht es uns, selbständig Änderungen vorzunehmen.»
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Camille Bauer AG

«Uns hat die Flexibilität und kurzfristige Unterstützung der Winet begeistert. Ihr fundiertes Wissen kam uns bei der Umstellung sehr zugute..»
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