Service Contracts

Get fast response times and priority service.

Service Contracts

Why an SLA?

Our SLAs promise support, troubleshooting, and free configuration at the highest level. Due to the reaction time, you are preferred over non SLA customers and your problems or concerns will be handled with a higher priority.
Our SLAs are divided in two areas. Therefore, you can choose if you want to sign for your network and systems or phones and accessories. Of course you can also enter into a complete package. For more information, see the navigation points below.

Note that we also have our SLA restrictions on the type of problem. For these, see the list below.

Definition of on call

The "on call" service guarantees the availability of the services agreed during standby contracted. On call means that the customer must be active in the event of a breakdown and the relevant staff of Winet Network Solutions AG will muster. (flow according 1.2 Support Process). 

The expiration of the one-year warranty authorizes the free "on call" full service regarding all patches installed in the first delivery versions of the system software on the voxGate- and voxCallCenter-installations as for the CTI software.

SLA Workflowzoom

Full maintenance does not include:

  • Costs for the replacement of the hardware or parts thereof
  • Commission expenses for the remedy of hardware and / or system software errors or failures self-inflicted by the customer
  • Commission expenses for the remedy of diseases caused by unavoidable hardware and / or system software errors or failures
  • Maintenance of software other than the system software on the voxGate- and / or vox-Call Center systems
  • Software upgrades, unless they are explicitly included as an option in this contract
  • The repair of damage caused by the influence of third persons / -companies
  • In general, errors or defects "self-inflicted by the customer" are such that occur after:



  • General manipulation and in particular the mechanical opening of the hardware (telephone systems, terminals, network components, etc.)
  • Hardware damage due to external influences, negligence, improper handling or misuse
  • Any kind of interventions in the System software
  • Incorrect configuration (incorrect setup) by the customer



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