Account limits


Limits of myPhone account

Unlike analogue telephone, it is important to take account safety considerations with a VoIP telephone. For example, within a short time relatively high costs can occur by the simultaneous use of multiple lines. This can have bothersome consequences both for you and for us.


To mitigate this problem, we have put more safety precautions in our system. So any misuse attacks are actively blocked by various system monitoring functions. On the telephone systems of our customers we use alphanumeric passwords (that is, at least 9 characters, no ordered sequence with uppercase and lowercase letters and/or special characters). If you have your own telephone system in use, we strongly recommend that you use secure passwords (as well as on all extensions/external phones).


Another security provided is the concept of setting of your limits in your myPhone account. It is used primarily to prevent the costs from unintentionally skyrocketing in your account. Secondly, it serves us to keep both defaulters and payers under control. In both cases, these automatically generated emails are continuously reviewed by us and appropriate measures are taken.


A telephone system that was cracked and phoning with 30 or more channels over an SIP-trunk can cause a delayed response to the limit. This can mean that the limit could be exceeded significantly. We calculate the account after the call ended. With 30 or more calls in progress and possibly on premium rate numbers, the account may be exceeded by several hundred francs. While this is upsetting, it protects you from even higher costs. In compliance with the usual safety precautions, such a case is not to be expected. Should you have any questions, call us. Our specialists will advise you further on this subject.


Why does your limit trigger and automatic warning message?

1. Basic settings for private customers: myPhone private accounts are maintained as prepaid accounts. This means there is a balance to be paid to use the account for incoming and outgoing calls. Private customers are informed from a remaining balance of CHF 10.00 that another bank payment is due soon. Once the accounts has a credit amount of CHF 0.00 the account is blocked for incoming and outgoing calls until payment has been received or proof exists that the payment was made.


2. Basic settings for business customers: each business myPhone account


3. You have received an automatic warning mail: please check if you have settled all outstanding overdue invoices for payment. If you have paid all open and overdue invoices, we are happy to put together with you the limits applicable to your fixed monthly telephone volume. The rule of thumb here: Your monthly cost x 3. Pay all outstanding and overdue invoices. Once payment is received by us, the balance of your accrued cost is automatically reduced and the warning mail is reset to the limit.


4. If your account has already exceeded the general limit, it is blocked for both outgoing and incoming telephone calls. In this case, let us know most about the payment that you have made, so that we can intervene quickly. Please note that only postal/bank statements with status "done or completed" can be accepted as a declaration of your payment. If you have the option to load your account by credit card, this payment is fastest with us.


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