Online payment via orange payment slip

We are grateful if you transfer your invoice indicating the reference number of your bill. This payment method facilitates the administrative management of your payment.


For a payment via online banking with manual recording, proceed as follows:

  • Select as payment, «orange payment slip»
  • You have under the account the Post account no. of the Aargauischen Kantonalbank: 01-200020-9

Please note: the bank account number from Winet must NOT be entered here! 

  • Enter the reference number. For this, you can either:
    - copy it from the email which informed you about the account 
    - copy the reference number directly from your account on

(User data / invoices / BESR choose display / reference number- copy after the ">")


Your banking system fills the receiver off automatically if it detects this.


In any case, for the correct transfer your deposit slip must in the end as:


For a payment via online banking with document reader, proceed as follows:

  • Choose your online bank, under the menu item "document reader"
  • Read the entire line of code with your document reader:
    -in which you print your invoice and scan the code line with the reader
    -or directly copy the entire line of code under in your account:

(User data / invoices / select display BESR / copy entire code number)


In the document reader window, select the account to be debited from your bank, and then let the orange payment slip from your system automatically add:


Debit authorization via direct debit

  • Request the Direct Debit form from us at  (no Debit Direct PostFinance). We provide to the form by e-mail.
  • You supplement it with your bank account details and provide the signed original to your bank to.
  • Once the form has been received from your bank by us, we will have the registration for the direct debit updates in myPhone for you
  • From this point, your bills are automatically charged by us after 14-20 days at your bank

Pay by credit carte (Visa and Mastercard)

  • Payment is possible by credit card- both Visa and Mastercard.
  • Select your myPhone-account under user data "account recharge"
  • Enter you desired amount:
  • Then enter your credit card information and confirm by pressing "next"
  • If the payment was successful, you will receive a confirmation on the screen:

Payment by bank transfer, home or abroad

For a bank transfer, use the following data:

Aargauische Kantonalbank
5600 Lenzburg
Clearing-Nr.: 761
IBAN: CH8900761016116097873


Bezahlung per roten Einzahlungsschein via Post

Customers who pay with a red EZ via post must submit the following information to EZ:


Please note: the Postkonto-Nr. 50-6-9 is used only for payments with red EZ

We are grateful if you avoid manual payments.  It is easier for us to manage your payment with payment via orange payment slip and reference number.

Thank you very much! Your myPhone-Team


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