Safety Instructions

Protect your VoIP phone system and associated devices active against abuse. We are happy to have you heed to these important settings and precautions.

Change default passwords / PIN codes

In many technical IP devices (such as telephones, routers, firewalls, ATA Converter etc.) there is a default password (also called a PIN code) such as «1234» preset by the manufacturer. To prevent abuse, we strongly recommend that you change the PIN code.

Secure passwords

These consist of at least 8 characters with numbers and letters, and include upper AND lowercase letters. Avoid dictionary lexicons. Example of a secure and easy to remember password: You like apple juice and were born in year ‘58 -> Apple58juice$

External portal

Never open the remote access to your devices, be it via HTTPS (port 443) or remote management. "Enable WAN Web Server" must always be "no"!

Block Chargeable numbers

The 090x services are for legal reasons blocked by default in each account. This blocking can be freely and easily deactivated and reactivate again. It is also possible to block 0900, 0901 and 0906 numbers.

New Country Codes Feature

We will install soon a new feature that allows you to block certain countries for outgoing calls. We will inform you as soon as this is available.

Phone systems from Winet

Winet has developed a Fraud Protection system called fraudX that protects phone providers as well as operators own telephone systems from attacks. FraudX covers over 300 systems, which report attacks in real time to a central server. Phone systems can now continuously collect from this server a list that contains all the hackers identified IP addresses. fraudx works much like a spam filter - only that the defense system reacts much faster. This means IP phone systems (voxGates, hostedPBX) of Winet are actively protected against attacks. Gateway solutions are protected by ACL (Access Control Lists). For more information, see:

IMPORTANT: This fraudX system will not protect against attacks, if, for example, your extensions contain weak passwords!

Account limits

The account limit of Winet is purely a service on our part and provides NO guarantee to protection against abuses. Other vendors offer such limit as well, and they offer a 24h service that prevent such attacks, as do us. Please read the information on our website:

Victim of a hack attack

If you are a victim of an attack, we ask you to let us know if you have made all the necessary precautions to secure your IP devices. Only then we can switch your account to telephone again.

We will gladly advise you! Do not hesitate to ask us if you need assistance.


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