Who is Winet

Leading open SIP communications systems.

Who is Winet

Development & product range

As a special advantage we see our own development of the product range with the use of open standards (for example, SIP) and current technologies (for example, FreeSWITCH). With the use of technical aids, we place special emphasis on reliability and quality. The future development of voxGate products on a professional level is paramount to be able to act as a modern provider with a cutting-edge-technology on the market. Because in the future the telephone does not have to necessarily be domiciled on the company site, we have developed innovative solutions that meet future requirements: i.e. local phone systems as well as hostedPBX within a highly available environment, which are united in one basic product. The advantage of hostedPBX is that the customer doesn’t have to make any major investments, but pays per user.

Our phone systems are continuously in line with changing customer needs and features developed and equipped with the latest software updates.

With our VoIP monitoring system we monitor the entire telephone traffic between our data centers and individual customers. It is possible to generate reports that identify the values (Packet Loss, delay, jitter, MOS) and thus makes troubleshooting much easier and assignable with customer complaints.

Live Monitoring: telephone systems with Service Level Agreement are permanently monitored by the on voxGate integrated module "voxMonitor". voxMonitor sends via SNMP all functionally relevant information to our monitoring system. These data are analyzed on the monitoring system and displayed visually on our surveillance monitors in the support department. In case of an irregularity or a failure, our technicians are alerted immediately. In this way we can intervene promptly and proactively, should have a malfunction or a failure.

Live Monitoring

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