Who is Winet

Leading open SIP communications systems.

Who is Winet

Technical infrastructure

Reliability and protection of your telephone system against attacks from outside are the focus of our recent developments. With high-performance, environmentally and technologically advanced hardware, we offer a high reliability of the existing systems and grant your and our data consistency.

One storage system is designed to offer cloud solutions in sufficient capacity. These operating systems and software solutions are on the cutting edge of technology. In order to transport and store the growing volumes of data, we use an HP StorageWorks EVA system. The system has a current capacity of 84 Terabytes. For data exchange between the servers (or handler) systems and the storage system, a fiber optic network was built. This network is designed with full redundancy and distributed through two “Brocade” fiber optic switches.

In this way the myPhone scheduling platform was replaced in 2010 by a high-availability and fault-tolerant solution and placed on a "carrier-grade" level (high availability, load balancing, flexibility). Here all existing functions such as VoiceBox, parallel ringing, multi ringing, call recording and call forwarding are integrated into the new system and additional new features such as TLS / SRTP, carrier fallback and failover number implemented. We now have an extremely attractive and safe platform. Since the beginning of 2011 the individual SIP servers have instead been going through an SBC (Session Border Controller) and lying behind SIP cluster. Developed by us, SBC is able to handle several thousand simultaneous calls and is designed redundantly to avoid interruption. The calls will depend on the service and style adopted by the mentioned cluster and be further processed. This change has increased the availability over 99.95%. At the same time the already high call quality was raised again.

Currently our telephone database will be replaced by a multi-master Galera Cluster. To ensure high availability of the service further to ensure even with greatly increasing data volume. With your entire telephone customer base, Winet currently generates 3 million new records monthly.


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