hostedPBX light

Imagine your phone system combining all your needs together

hostedPBX light

5 participants from
CHF 44.- per month*

Suitable for: Business customers – Startup companies (up to ~ 10 participants)

Technical Requirments: broadband internet connection (xDSL, cable) and SIP-enabled phones

Compatibility: Telephone with SIP support or Linksys Adapter


What it hostedPBX light?

The hostedPBX light is the little sister of the hostedPBX. It is suitable for startup and small enterprises from 5 participants and includes the basic functionalities of a telephone system. Expandable depending on needs.

Why hostedPBX light?

  • Significantly lower telephone costs (typically 50%)
  • The system grows with your company (up to 500 participants)
  • No matter where you are, connect your phone to the internet and make calls
  • No replacement cost of the telephone system
  • No maintenance costs for the telephone system
  • No software updates needed (automatic)
  • All SIP phones and SIP Softclient function with hostedPBX
  • Maximum availability through Cloud Technology
  • All settings are browser-based

Scope of hostedPBX

  • Includes 10 subscribers (expandable up to 500 subscribers)
  • Voice Box/Mail
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Calendar routing
  • Short numbers/ busy display
  • Callbacks (unlimited number of callbacks)
  • Music playback (Music on Hold, flexible music playback)
  • Call Center application & routing 
  • Internal phonebook
  • Fallback when system not available
  • Backup (complete System back-up, manual/automatic)



  • Conference (unlimited number of conference groups)
  • Intercom (Desk phone intercom system)
  • Interactive Voice Response, voice-operated menu system
  • Extensive statistics
  • Call Center application & routing
  • Day-night service (unlimited number of controls)
  • DISA (internal telephone calls from the outside)Queue (unlimited queues)
  • Voice recordings
  • Queue (unlimited queues)

What is the difference between hostedPBX und hostedPBX light?

For a comparison of features, see the following PDF.

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*inclusive winTrunk (Price in CHF excl. VAT)


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